Medical Capacities

Our laboratories and collection centers are strategically placed across Harare to deliver an extensive range of routine and emergency pathology services.Our specimen pick up service collects samples and delivers results. Results will be processed and delivered on time. All our messengers are professionally trained in important aspects of sample collection, handling and transportation.

At Interpath we are committed to Medical leadership. We see medicine as a profession rather than a business and this approach sets us apart from the pathology testing provided by other diagnostic pathology services.In everything we do, we aim to deliver a highly professional and personalized service to GP’s, specialists, and hospitals.

Our services include: The 24-hour operation 365 days a year, ready and convenient access to our pathologist, expertise in all major pathology sub disciplines, more than 80 collection centers throughout Harare, and an extensive courier network.

Interpath MedLabs

Quality Assurance

Interpath Medical laboratories have a strong commitment to quality in all aspects of our service. We aspire to continuously improve our service and customer satisfaction by putting patient care first in everything we do. Our core values support our commitment to meeting quality standards and accreditation. Consistency is our greatest strength.

Corporate Service List

Our services support corporate medical staff and hospital liaison administrators. We offer :
• A wide range of routine testing
• Collection and transportation support
• Day-to-day operation and complete management

Professional Services List

We are committed to providing accurate results. Some of our services include :
Chemical pathology